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Post by vonGroopah on Mon Apr 13, 2015 3:51 am

I really want to make this assclown work. Currently I'm aiming for a mix of defense and CDR:

  • armor reds
  • hp/lvl yellows
  • cdr/lvl blues
  • armor quints

1/29/0 masteries (took one point in extra minion damage)

CORE: Ionians, Spirit Visage, Randuins, Thornmail
FLEXIBLE: Cinderhulk, Sunfire's, Warmog's, Banshee's

I'm considering taking Cinderhulk over Sunfire's when the enemy top + mid are both magic damage dealers. The premise is to maximize the uptime on his defensive steroid and increase your roaming potential with more frequent speedups and ults.

The new Black Cleaver on the PBE looks like a great pickup if it gets shipped to live as such:
Garen Theorycrafting Theblack

With that, I can skip Ionians, buy Tabi/Mercs, and go 5/25/0 with 6 flat cdr blues in order to max out cdr. Thoughts?

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