Boku no Peke, a tale of love, betrayal, and League of Legends.

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Boku no Peke, a tale of love, betrayal, and League of Legends. Empty Boku no Peke, a tale of love, betrayal, and League of Legends.

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Chapter 1: Winter is Coming
Paul finds himself in his hotel room. Tired, shattered, and broken, he lets out a sigh that would depress even the most naive of optimists.
"I just can't do it anymore." xPeke is depressed. He can no longer backdoor as well as he used to. Kassadin has lost his luster; his glory. xPeke has resorted to using other mids which are not Kassadin. No longer can he be reformed to excellence.
"I don't want to win games anymore. I just want to backdoor things. It doesn't matter what it is..."
Just as he muttered those words, Amazing breaks down the door to his room.
"Yo Paulie, what ye want on yer Pizza?"
"Just give me the usual. I don't feel good right now."
xPeke stuffed his face into his pillow. Amazing was confused. He threw the phone out the bedroom window and teleported himself to xPeke's bedside.
"I can't backdoor things anymore man. Riftwalking costs too much mana now. I think I might retire..."
Amazing couldn't believe his ears. Is that really a justified reason to end one's career? No, he believed that his friend had undergone a phase in his career, and he I am the lolicon well knew he was going to be the one to break him out of him.
"Are you an utter moron? That's no reason to end your career. You have so much in store for you. Believe in yourself, Paul. You KNOW you can't quit over something as stupid as this."
xPeke looked up at him. xPeke gave him a sad glare that implied that he still wasn't motivated enough to continue.
"I-I...just have this strange feeling. This feeling that won't let me go on any longer. Video games have been my life, but when you start playing them for a living, the magic gets lost..."
"Well that's just fine then. I'll teach you an even stranger feeling..."
Amazing suddenly found himself completely naked, as he bent over towards xPeke's bedside.
"Yeah...I'll teach you an even stranger feeling... It's all right. There's nothing to be afraid of."
xPeke sat straight up, completely shocked.
He was cut-off by a clearly enraged Amazing.
"If you WANT to back-door things so badly then I'll GIVE you something to backdoor you god damned defeatist!"
The atmosphere went heavy. Peke sat there dumbfounded at the asshole bewildering before him. He could not comprehend the current state of affairs. Everything was happening so fast...So fast Peke lost control of his senses...He started to hallucinate.
No, he started to daydream. Peke was at his home. He was at his computer. Peke was playing Kassadin again. He found himself clicking down the mid-lane...However, Kassadin turned his head towards Peke, and started to talk to him.
"Summoner! You know not what you seek! Relinquish your pleasures and seek the destruction of the void!"
Peke tilted his head in confusion. "Kassadin? What's going on?"
"Recall to base, and reveal to me a BLASTING WAND!"
Peke opened up the shop and bought himself a Blasting Wand, what's next?
"Now. Teleport me to the ward near the enemy Nexus, and begin the backdoor immediately!"
Peke obeyed. The open Nexus filled his emotions with ecstasy. Peke pummeled the Nexus with a satisfying splendor. He slammed it thoroughly, and very intricately. And then he went harder. He wished to ravage the Nexus to the very core. He unleashed all his anger, all his strength, and all his power into each auto-attack.
The blasting wand grew larger, and larger with each thrust. A satisfying sound came from each attack, as the Nexus's health shrunk lower...and lower...
xPeke was about to reach a climax, as he attempted to attack the Nexus from numerous sides. He SLAMMED it to the right side. He SLAMMED it to the left side. He slammed with such strength, such vigor the World shook to its very core with EACH and EVERY thrust. He slammed it so powerfully Charles Barkley himself shivered in his sleep.
xPeke was excited. He was about to successfully backdoor the Nexus for the first time in what seemed like ages. And then, with one final attack, xPeke blew all of his mana into a breathtaking FINISHER. Scholars call it the cum shot heard around the world. Legends would go down in history of this timeless moment. The last backdoor by xPeke.
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