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A Plan Gone Awry Empty A Plan Gone Awry

Post by vonGroopah on Thu Apr 23, 2015 3:09 am

"...With plans as stupid as these, I'm surprised you only lost four of your fingers."

"Trust me, she lets it get the best of her everytime. As soon as she goes in I'll be there to back you up."

And so, Shen was not the first nor the last to fall for Jax's ⓢⓗⓘⓣ-brained schemes. Creeping out from tribush, he drew Fiora's attention with the lines Jax fed him from the safety of the fog of war:

"Fiora, your lore states you earned your fame with a sharp blade and a sharper tongue, but I've only had the pleasure of experiencing the former!"

"You shut the I am the ⓕⓤⓒⓚ up before I give you an enema with this rapier."

"I've got something that'll shut a ⓗⓞⓣ ⓗⓞⓣ hottie like you right up! Really Jax? ⓗⓞⓣ ⓗⓞⓣ hott-"

Alas! The ninja was not able to reiterate the world's shittiest catcall, for his thoracic cavity was no longer a thoracic cavity, but rather a mangled mix of viscera and blood. The act of violence was most definitely influenced by French cuisine, as what used to be Shen's insides closely resembled a jambalaya. Unbeknownst to Fiora was that Shen's taunt was an elaborate ruse: one which allowed her true assailant to take advantage of her. Jax leapt out from invisibility. He only had one shot at this. One deft swing downward. One lamppost-shaped bruise on the parietal. Least of all, one chuckling idiot dragging the his unconscious victim out of sight...


Her whole body was cold and ached. As soon as she opened her eyes, a red mist coalesced from the peripheries of her vision into the center of her view. Blurred by the blood trickling down her face, Fiora closed her eyes back shut to minimize the stinging sensation. Trying to move her arms, Fiora soon realized they would not move on her own accord. Neither would her legs. The futile clanging of chains against the cobblestone walls alerted Jax of what had to be done next. Gathering her clothing, he could hear Fiora's muffled groans while in the antechamber. Jax could only imagine how bruised her body was, and how taut her nipples were from the cold air in his subterranean sex dungeon. They'd be firm and pokey, and he'd suck on em' real good to warm them up, but then he'd spit them out of his mouth to make it seem like her nipples were some sort of unsatisfactory product, some sort of nasty strawberry you wouldn't want to eat because it looks mushy and the skin is almost a brown colour.

As Jax unlocked the door with one of the many keys to his demented fantasyland, Fiora snapped her head upwards to identify her captor. She still could not tell it was Jax, as her vision was impaired from both her head injury and the blood smearing her eyes. More importantly, she could not tell that she was still naked: the pain had hidden this from her, at least until Jax had started to suckle the French woman's left nipple. He grabbed her by the small of her back, and started slowly and gently at first. As Fiora started to writhe around and command him to stop, Jax decided to teach her just who was the master of this sex dungeon. Switching breasts, Jax took her's right nipple in between his teeth and tongue, and tugged on it. Fiora audibly gasped as she felt ripples of pain course through her body. Seeing that she had enough, Jax took her nipple out of his mouth, and uncloaked himself. Wiping away the blood from Fiora's eyes with a handkerchief, he lifted her chin upward so the two were eye to eye. Two words came out of his mouth:

"My lady."

at least that is what Jax thought he had said, for in reality, he was oversalivating from his deranged foreplay. The drool bubbling from his mouth slurred his words together, so that Fiora heard one thing and one thing only:



"Oh my God! Shen, what happened to you?!"


"Worry not, I'll take care of this."

The fact that Soraka found Shen before he died was not a matter of circumstance, but time: dying from a bleeding wound takes a while when you can shield every five seconds. Nevertheless, the healer quickly got to work. Laying her hands on Shen's chest and projecting her lifeforce into his was all it took to cure him.

"Thank you Soraka, I owe you my life."

"Do not worry about it Shen, though we are not done yet."

"Hm? My wounds are all healed."

"That may be so, but I am still craving dick."

With that, Soraka cast her Equinox zone on top of Shen. Silenced, no one could hear him as Soraka pinned him against a wall. Silenced, he could not dash before the root took place. Snared, he was subject to Soraka's whims.

"Let me guide you."

Soraka removed the cloth surrounding her waist with one hand and guided Shen to her inner thighs with the other. To the ninja's surprise, Soraka was already dripping wet. Lifting one leg up in the air and resting on Shen's shoulder, she fiercely grabbed him by the wrist and pushed three of his fingers deep within her. The rapid pumping motion sent waves of ecstasy rippling through Soraka's body. Faster and faster she went, not only arousing herself, but Shen, whose gloves were now soaked with Soraka's juices. This continued to the point where Shen was voluntarily rubbing her clitoris as he fingered her vagina. Hearing Soraka moan with delight wasn't enough: Shen wanted to hear her scream. Withdrawing his fingers from her, he grabbed Soraka by the hips and turned her facing downwards. This greatly pleased her, as evidenced by her erotic whimpering. Undressing himself and sliding his cock inside of Soraka's sweet little pussy was the easy part. The fun part was unsheathing his vorpal blade, and inserting it into Soraka's asshole. Gasping in both pain and pleasure, the starchild let her inhibitions go and relinquised herself to Shen. His muscled body pushed against hers, making her breath quicken. The combination of warmth and friction in both of her orifices had her squealing with glee. As soon as she found herself ready to climax, Shen would keep her on the edge, teasing her senseless with vaginal and anal penetration. He could tell he was driving her crazy. Her once incoherent moans evolved into commanding affirmations to bring her to orgasm. Giving her what she yearned for, Shen pressed himself even closer on Soraka and strengthened his rhythmic thrusting. The sharp intake of air and the digging of her nails into his back signalled to Shen that now it was his turn to climax. Turning Soraka back over onto her knees with his vorpal vlade still inside her asshole, Shen delicately lifted her chin up so her eyes could meet his. He would never forget the look on her face as she grabbed his cock by the shaft as she moved her mouth towards him. Starting by licking and kissing the head, she would bob back and forth, gradually filling her entire mouth with his manhood. Fully coated in her saliva, Shen was paralyzed with ecstacy as Soraka's tongue danced on his cock. Closing his eyes to focus on the singularity of his orgasm, ropes of cum filled her's mouth. Elated, Soraka swallowed it all with a smile on her face and a coy look in her eyes.


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A Plan Gone Awry Empty Re: A Plan Gone Awry

Post by vonGroopah on Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:53 am

Jax was at a loss for words. Finally, here he was with his Esmerelda, in his very own Notre Dame! The
only differences being his deformity was not of the body, but of the mind, and religious artifacts were
replaced with bizarre sex toys. Fiora gasped, as Jax picked out what looked like a gas mask connected to
a dildo. Strapping it onto his face, he held the dildo in one hand as he brushed it along her cheek.
Lower down he went, squeezing her breasts together and thrusting the dildo into her cleavage. Jax took
the time to admire how hard her nipples were from earlier on. Their rosy pink colour was proof of a
physiological response, one which betrayed Fiora and served only Jax. Considerable time was spent tracing indistinguishable patterns down her slender midriff. The tickling sensation punctured Fiora's sobbing with bouts of desperate laughter, and Jax took this as a sign of arousal. Wrapping one arm around her waist, Jax knelt down and ran his fingers up her labia, getting her ready for something even bigger. With Jax out of her line of sight Fiora caught something with the corner of her eye. Spindly, black, and angular, the figure darted by the outskirts of her vision. Only when it came close enough to be  recognized did Fiora scream out, horrified at what was creeping up behind her captor.

"Aren't you getting excited? I haven't even gotten to my big toys and you're already waAAAAAAAAAAA-"

The pair of fangs met with Jax's neck, which gave little resistance as they sank down. His cries for help  were muffled: the dildo mask was clamped to his face just as tightly as the spider's jaw was clamped to  him. Fiora looked on in horror as venom was injected into Jax's neck. His skin quickly swelled and turned  into purplish blue. Swinging her fangs back into her jaw, the spider skittered backwards as it morphed  into the lithe shape of a woman. Digging her nails into Jax's bite wound and twisting his head towards  hers was enough to snap him out of his venom induced deliria. She could not see much through the gas mask other than the look of fear in his eyes, but that wasn't good enough. She had to savour it, like every other part of this meal. Tearing the mask off with a strength that was not her own, Jax finally realized who stood before her.

"What a tangled web you've woven. I don't know whether I should be more surprised that you've managed to catch Fiora in it or that you've managed to build A SEX DUNGEON THIS CLOSE TO MY SPIDER GOD TEMPLE. You're a ⓕⓤⓒⓚ㏌ⓖ idiot, and I'm going to feed you to the spider god, but not before I have my fun with you..."

Belt, hood, robe and pants were all discarded to the side as Elise stripped Jax of his clothing. All that  was left was a loincloth, which left very little to the imagination. Reaching underneath, Elise felt his  cock. Running her hand from the shaft to the head, she admired its size, its girth, the large vein on the  underside, and how it tilted upwards. It was perfect. Well, nearly perfect. After all, she was a size  queen.

"Sorry to say honey, but I do bite. Don't worry though, this shouldn't hurt as much as the first."

Taking the last piece of clothing off his body, Elise gingerly flicked his loincloth to the side. Squeezing his shaft between her palm and fingertips, Elise lifted Jax's cock upwards as she relaxed her throat and fit as much as she could into her mouth. She giggled as it brushed the back of her throat, and giggled even more as she snapped her jaw shut. The bite caused Jax not only to become fully hard, but his erection swelled to a ridiculous proportion, just as his neck did. Sliding his manhood out of her mouth, Elise hovered over Jax on the stone cold floor as she smirked.

"Would you look at that! A real weapon. It's time to have some fun, but I don't want you to ruin it by  squirming around."

Out from her fingertips came strands of silk, covering Jax's body. Anchoring him to the floor, the web  was plastered against every inch of his skin — almost every inch — except his throbbing penis. Grinding  herself against what was left of him sent Elise into a frenzy: this was one of the few times she got to  have fun with Vilemaw's meals. The thought of what would happen next had her dripping wet. No lubricant was needed. Spreading her labia with one hand, she eased his enormous cock into herself. At first, Elise only had room for the head. Slowly, she stretched herself out. Every inch of progress was met with lusty moans of and squeals of delight. The feeling was so tight that she barely managed to slide herself up and down on Jax's cock. Her whole body began to match her rhythm, her breasts bouncing carelessly against her chest. The harder she drove herself onto his lap, the stiffer he got. The motion of his cock drilling in and out of her caught her inner labia in the action, rubbing against it with every pump of his dick. Under his silk envelope, his pelvic muscles tightened, and she could feel the vein on the underside of his cock pulsating wildly. Warm, tight, and soft, Jax couldn't resist himself anymore. The same was true for Elise, as she was her wit's end. Her body rigidly arched backwards as she grinded herself faster and faster and faster on top his lap until they both climaxed. Though Jax came in a matter of seconds, Elise was privy to a much longer orgasm. No matter how hard her pussy tried to return to its original position, Jax's massive cock kept it gaping wide open. Her cervix pushed up and down on the head of his dick with every contraction, begging for a sweet release. As she could take it no longer, Elise pushed herself up off of Jax and fell back onto the ground, her legs too shaky to support herself. Barely able to even sit up, Elise was heaving and giggling. She had a lot of explaining to do to the spider god.

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